Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What is this?

So, it's Wednesday, half way into the week.  I did my exercises on Monday and Tuesday and I wake up today and I feel like I got his by a freight train!  I am exhausted!  Is this part of it?  The whole detox thing?  I'm not sure if I'm getting sick;  I feel pretty good, just extremely tired.  I just woke up from a 3 hour nap and could have slept more.  Whatever it is I don't like it.  Could use some help with this area:)

I've learned that my body is like a machine that needs to be tended to about every 2-3 hours.  If I wait any longer than that to eat, it's too late.  I tried to look at the food as I eat as fuel, nothing else.  It's hard though because I think I am addicted to chocolate or sweets.  I crave sweet things after every meal.  I wish I could get past that stage.  Someone told me after 2 weeks it should go away.  I'm looking forward to that date!

I was able to meditate again last night.  Again, I got goose bumps.  (I'm taking that as a good sign and that my body needs and enjoys it).  I made it the whole way through and slept like a log.

As always, thanks for listening ;D


  1. Sunny, how cool this meditation is working for you!! Yes, goose bumps I would think are a sign of insights being developing or realized ( or you need to turn up your heat; nah, definitely insights ). You and others (I think Becky and Sonia) have mentioned fatigue being an issue. Speaking to my own experience, I think part of the fatigue I experienced early on the in the program was in part due to the additional mental stress I was putting on myself (unknowingly) making sure I did all my workouts, filled out the BTWG paperwork, updated my blog, meditated, planned my meals, etc. I felt very overwhelmed the first few weeks (again, all of it self-driven) and it manifested itself in making me SOO tired ! As the process became more familiar to me, I think I let myself loosen up a bit and that helped.

    All that said, I shared some info with Sonia that I'll turn into my next blog tonight and that might be helpful in getting past the fatigue and the headaches and such. As for your sweet cravings, my dear, deny the urge all together, or acknowledge it with a few dried cherries or apricots when the urge hits? Just a few to give you that tang and sweetness, but not enough to throw your caloric count out of orbit. Or use those incredible nut clusters you found and have one nut cluster in those times of craving, not to exceed 3 times a day (sounds like a prescription drug usage sheet)? And sometimes just being aware of that "addiction" is enough over time to help you break it...I found myself actually getting pissed off at those things that I was allowing to de-power me, and by getting ticked off at the power they were wielding, it seemed to take some of their power away. Ok - getting wordy, signing off. But you're doing great.

  2. Oh Sunny! I am right there with you! It hit me yesterday, and I am still dragging today! My workout was very poor, my body feels drained! I am just hoping this passes soon! I'm good to nobody like this!
    Great job on your meditations!

  3. Tired, tired, and still tired. Glad to see I'm not alone. Assumed (obviously incorrectly) that w/ regular workouts - tired would be replaced with unending energy. Still waiting for that day/moment. Hang in there! We're in this together!

  4. Sunny. Sorry that you're tired. :( That stinks. I was dragging today, too. It's really cool that your meditation is going so well. You get goose bumps, huh? Neat. You just sit and count your breath, right? Or do you do something else? Just curious. Sounds very cool!!

  5. Just a quick two cents from the ole Coach. First off, Sherri is spot on. So follow her suggestions/advice.

    Ride it out, Ladies and trust the process. Most of you are coming off eating excess carbs/sugar so your body is making a shift from using that as primary fuel into using better forms of energy for fuel, such as stored fat! What you are experiencing is very common and very normal.

    Once I get a look at your Week 2 logs I can also make sure your total intake isn't too low.

    So, sugar cravings, headaches, and fatigue are normal - just don't anything really serious persist (use common sense). Ride it out and I promise in the next week things will turn around as long as you stick with the plan.

    Keep me posted as well!


  6. Trust the process.
    Do what Chris says.
    No excuses, But.Just kidding
    I am darn tired too, whew! Week two!

  7. I know I'm commenting late, but I haven't been able to check the blogs all week. I will say from experience that if you don't allow yourself a sweet treat every once in a while, you might make it worse one day by eating way too much. I'm still not to the stage where I am ready to give up my sweets all together, but I am so much better than what I used to be. If you figure out a way to get over the sweets, let me know!

    Also, that is awesome that your meditation is going so good. That is the one area where I'm having a hard time. I know I just need to sit, but that is a really big struggle for me. Bravo to you, and I hope it continues for you!