Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 3

So, it's day 3 of this awesome project and I'm hanging in there.  Although I already failed on my first meditation:(, I know I can hang in there!  So lucky me got to start BTWG along with my period:)  (For all you men out there, I apoligize, but this project is going to help me get through this time of month).  So, day one is good, logging calories along the way, but I'm feeling hungry all day.  Finally thought maybe I wasn't eating enough.  Day 2 rolls around and I am craving sweets like crazy.  All day I try to ignore them.  I drink more water, nope.  I eat some yummy nut clusters thinking I needed something crunchy, nope.  Finally after a pretty big dinner, I have had enough.  If I don't have something sweet to eat I am going to blow!  Out of my pantry/ freezer comes things I didn't even know I had.  (If you are hungry or are craving sweets, you may not want to read anymore of this.)  We've got ice cream (My husband works for Schwans--how lovely is that), M&M's, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, nuts and whipped cream.  I know I should NOT be eating this.  But, as I'm filling up my bowl, I looked to see what a serving size of ice cream is and how many calories-YIKES!  That will make you think twice:)  I proceed with my toppings and I sit down to eat...already feeling guilty, but I can't shake this craving.  I eat it and I eat it all.  Yes, I feel guilty, yes I logged it, but it's over with.  I caved, I can work on not caving and finding better ways to get through this.  Other than missing my meditation and this indulgence, not so bad. 
I like the accountability of this program.  I like knowing someone is going to look at what I ate for the week and what I did and didn't do.  If I'm not up to where I should be I'm hoping I'm going to get punshed.  Ok, not really, but there should be consequences.  I'm guessing that's where the scale comes into play.
I made mac-n-cheese for my kiddos today and couldn't believe the calories that were in it once it's prepared!
Crazy how I had no idea before.
     I'm a bit obsessed with counting calories and I hope my husband can put up with it.  He's not liking it at all.  One thing that's hard for me is my husband is able to bring home DAMAGED food that would normally be thrown away.  This stuff is NOT good for you.  Until this project, we eat it.  It's free, it's meals for our family, it cuts down on the grocery budget.  I have asked my husband not to bring home any food that isn't somewhat healthy for you.  He wasn't crazy about the idea.  Don't get me wrong, Joe supports me and this project, but he likes his food and he's lucky he doesn't have to worry about his physique like I do.  So, the first big challenge for me is how do I keep my husband from bringing home unhealthy free food?
Well, these are my thoughts all scrambled up, but finally got to come out after a few days.  Until next time:)


  1. Sunny,
    WOW! I love reading your blog because your heart just flies out your fingertips and lands on the computer keys! First, the period. It has a life, mind and appetite of its own.:) It is the hardest time to try on new habits and new clothes (ever do that and wind up crying in the dressing room?) And yet, you did just that. Okay, you ate the stuff, but you logged it, acknowledged it, and moved on - big YEAH! You will find other ways to tame the beast, promise - water, tea, etc., may not cut it... it may be that you really need a treat, but you will find a new, healthier way to treat yourself, promise. I can relate to that feeling so well, and I keep chocolate chips in the house to quell the cravings when they hit..not really healthy, but satisfying, and better than the junk I used to inhale...There is no failure here, just learning ... I wonder if you and Joe can come to a compromise about the food - Matt had a hard time with that when I was first in BTWG - that man can eat ice cream every night!! Can you agree to x times a week, or agree to the types of food, or ??? ...That is what I love about BTWG - it is something to share with everyone! Doing great, girl! :)

  2. Sunny....thanks for sharing about your cave in....Today was my day to screw up.....:( You are right about the accountability, and the feelings of guilt.....more than that, I just feel like I've let myself down. Here's to you and I getting back on track girlie! :)

  3. Girls, I hear ya. I have had 1 Reese's Christmas bell and a couple Peanut M&M's at tne end of the school day when I have no snack items left (no fruits/veggies). It's hard! Although they fit in my calorie log, it's still bad. I'm so glad to have the love and support of all you guys. Sunny, wait a bummer to have all that awesome stuff right there in front of you. Hopefully you and your husband can work something out . . . maybe if it's even him eating when you're not around or something. Good luck. That's a tough one. And I am interested in giving you some money for those nut cluster things. They sound good!

  4. HA! Here's to typing so early in the morning!! "Wait" should be "what."

  5. I am so glad I read this Sunny! I was sitting here beating myself up over some pizza that was waiting for me after I got home from working out last night. Now I feel like I can log it and move on!

  6. Sunny way to talk the truth, girl! So often we think that we can just 'pretend' that no one sees what we eat, but the truth is, it is very easy to see, because it becomes part of our hind side and very evident for everyone to see :).

    This journey that we are all on is not just for us, but for our families too, so yes finding a way to compromise is probably what is going to work best. Maybe if he brings treats in, they can only be eaten on a specific day, kids included & then they are tossed. Or maybe a specific fat% on a food is not allowed to enter the home.

    I think I would end up throwing it away if it was horrible for you, because it is the same thing as throwing it into the trash can as eating something crappy for you. In the long run, you will be paying for it....nothing is *free* & especially not diabetes and other diseases, you know?

    Keep it up, face it & movin' on :)