Monday, January 24, 2011

SS Transformation under way!

Officially, it's been a week.  Things have been pretty good so far.  I was very pleased with my weigh in on Saturday.  I've been working out at PR Fitness for 9 months and while I know I have gained muscle, the scales haven't budged a bit.  First week of BTWG--they BUDGED!!!  I was stoked and couldn't believe it.  Saturday was kind of a crazy day and Sunday too, so my eating KIND OF went to poop.  I didn't eat great.  I felt like I snacked a lot on mostly heathly snacks, but felt like I never really had a meal.  A big part of that was it was time to go to the grocery.  I normally go on Monday's, so Sunday was a hard day to get through.  I ended my day by meditating.  I missed it on Thursday, but made it a point to do it Sunday night.  It was incredible.  I remember getting goose bumps at least twice.  I have NEVER done anything like that in my life.  I didn't have a timer so I was concerned about the time, but I sat down in my closet floor (what a place huh?) and just listened.  Of course my mind RACED, but I know over time it will slow down.  I know it really isn't prayer time, but I got a few things in as well.  Before I knew it I had been sitting for 15 minutes.  It felt really good!  I feel it even carried over in my day today.  I had an awful time at the grocery store with 2 little kids.  I would say I have the world record for being in a grocery store the longest:  1 hour 30 minutes!  I was miserable.  Between 20 minutes at the deli, a bathroom break right in the middle, and loosing a sucker (found it in my coat hat:) it was chaos.  However, we made it out alive, I did not blow any gaskets (sp) and my kids had all limbs in tact!  I think I will credit my calmness to my mediation last night.  I'm looking forward to my next one and hope it brings more peace within me.
I cannot say enough positive things about this program!  I hope I can keep it up throughout my life and live a long and healthy life like Jack:  May he rest in peace!  Until next time:)


  1. Great job on your meditation! and your patience at the grocery store! I don't like taking my kids with me if i don't have to, because I know how chaotic it can be!
    I have been talking up the program too, It's amazing that everything Chris has said has worked! Trust the process!
    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Great job Sunny!!! The BTWG process is sorta like your first few days at PRF....things seem so challenging and you wonder if you will ever "get" it...and then WALLAH, one day you realize you are "living" it, "doing" it. Like those kipping pullups, right? You inspire me on the meditation and you have given me a great idea about using my closet as a location. See you soon lady!