Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Week 3

Well, it's week 3, Tuesday actually and the last 5 days have been a struggle.  I posted last week I was tired, thought possibly it was part of the project, which it could have been, but I came down with a lousy cold Friday night.  Fever, pounding head and nasty cough.  It's Tuesday and I finally ate something descent.  This cold zapped my appetite completely.  I know I didn't take in enough calories and I didn't have the strength to exercise, so I'm a bit upset about that.  But, I feel 100x better and can't wait to exercise tomorrow and eat something yummy, that is quality food. 
One thing I wanted to share was my sweet cravings are diminishing.  Friday was my Free Meal and I decided to eat a HOLYCOW CUPCAKE.  It was good, not great and there are still 2 sitting on the counter and they don't even sound good!  For me, that is awesome!!!  Maybe it's b/c I've been sick, but I really think I'm getting that junk out of my body.  Tonight, I THOUGHT I wanted a Dr. Pepper, sounded kind of good after being sick.  Poured 1/2 of it into my cup, drank some and it didn't taste good!  Major achievement!  I love this feeling.  Will it last?  I sure hope so.  Looking forward to getting back on track tomorrow.  Be safe if you are out and about.


  1. Sunny, I know that cold/flu you had and it is the pits! Glad to hear you are on the upswing. Congrats on distancing yourself from the sugar...isn't it cool how you say "no" to the cupcake and all the enticement power of that sweet treat gets zapped back into your own body in the most positive of ways! Sounds sorta goofy but with every "no" I uttered to marginal food during the project, "I" felt so much more in command of myself and proud of it. You're doing fantastic! Activity for today = iceskating on your driveway - this weather is crazy!

  2. Sunny, Believe me, the more you distance yourself from sugar, the more your body will tell you "this doesn't make me feel good" when you do have it. I have gotten to where more than a little bit of sugar makes me feel lousy. Of course I use Splenda and Truvia....but at least the Truvia isn't bad for you!

    Hope you continue to feel better. Don't rush the workouts....let yourself recover from being sick!