Monday, February 14, 2011


Well, it's the start of week 5!  Whoa, where did time go?  I feel like the last 2 weeks went down the drain, but I'm back in the saddle again and ready to do this!  I haven't written in a while and I'm hoping by writing that I will stop craving Oreos.  I know that's the craziest things, but I'm about to get my period (Right there with you Amber) and I'm craving junk.  I want Oreos and Milk so bad it isn't funny.  We don't have any in the house, so I really don't have much to worry about, but I could eat the entire pantry right now!  Thank the Lord for no oreos in the house!  BUT we do have Girl Scout Cookies=(  I bought them hoping to send them to the troops, but when they were delivered Maylea was home and I had forgotten she had picked out a box and so she opened all 3 boxes!  I don't think a soldier would appreciate an opened, half-eaten box of cookies.  So, they are here and I ate 5, but that was yesterday.  I'm still craving today.  Instead, I had 10 nut clusters hoping to curb my craving, but I'm still waiting.  I try to remember I am in control of this (Thanks Sherri & Kelly) and I am bigger than the oreos, but oh my!
I've started the Monday morning class at PR and b/c it's earlier in the day I have forgotten that I have already exercised today.  I feel I should do it again.  Weird.  Maybe if I meditate it will help the craving situation.  All in all, I feel good.  I feel better.  I haven't exploded on my kids in a while and I feel more calm.

As Chris says:

"Be well"  (I like it a lot)


  1. Sunny,

    You are doing great! Hang in there! I don't think we ever lose the cravings....maybe you can just learn to crave better things! Don't explode!!!!



  2. I completely understand what you're going through! Why do hormones have to affect us so much? You're really doing great though, and I am so impressed with you at the gym. I wish I could do double unders like you. :) That is a goal of mine!

    I will say that I felt so much better after hearing everyone else's struggles with food yesterday morning. I'm also with you on feeling like I should have worked out again yesterday. Pat and I did do yoga last night after his workout, which was great! Keep up the good work!